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“Dining in the Virgin Islands is as much a part of your Caribbean adventure as exploring the beaches and hiking trails.”

St.Thomas Food Tours

The islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John were the birthplace of fusion long before culinary fusion became a trend. Dishes imported by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedes, Danes, and Americans, all of whom had colonized the West Indies, are fused with the flavors of the African diaspora, India, and native ingredients from cultures like the Taino and Arawak Indians.


In the Virgins, you can sample recipes created centuries ago or emerging fusions such as Caribbean meets Asian, Italian, Greek, or even Jewish or Mexican. Interest in Caribbean cuisine comes at a pivotal time in food history. Young chefs and restaurateurs who were born here or have deep ties to the Caribbean are flooding back to the Virgin Islands to breathe new life into our booming restaurant scene, particularly in the resort and fine-dining arena. We are on the cusp of becoming one of the world’s top food tourism destinations. Read all about our “farm to table” scene on St.John in our VI Insider blog.

Not feeling that adventurous? Many Caribbean dishes are as homestyle and comforting as you can get. Try our rich and creamy macaroni and cheese; sweet and savory potato stuffing; or a pate, meat or fish wrapped in flaky pastry then fried to perfection. The Virgin Islands are also home to hundreds of sandwich shops, burger joints, and sports bars. Whatever your tastes, you will find delicious dishes to please every appetite and budget. Even if you feel like eating in, there are many grocery stores to choose from.

Virgin Islands Fusion

Take note, Caribbean Fusion is the next great revolution in food. Top chefs, both local and global, are reinventing or opening restaurants in the Virgin Islands that combine the distinct local sweet, spicy and hardy flavors of the Caribbean with the cuisines of the world.

To fill your senses with the sublime flavors of these artists create, click here

Traditional Caribbean

Experience the comforts of an authentic Virgin Islands kitchen. Sample local favorites like goat water, conch fritters, roti, fungi and kallaloo. In addition, the Virgin Islands abound in restaurants specializing in local dishes from neighboring islands like Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad and more.

For the real deal like your Caribbean mama used to make, click here.

Food Trucks

Food trucks get top billing because these trucks/stands are an authentic part of the Caribbean food experience. While some don’t actually move around like their American counterparts, food trucks have been popular in the Virgin Islands for decades. Now the rest of the world knows what we islanders know: food trucks are perfect for experiencing local, authentic cuisine without the steep restaurant prices. 

For a list of our fabulous food trucks, click here.

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