St. Thomas Neighborhoods

Charlotte Amalie West

This includes the area of Charlotte Amalie from the USVI campus or so, to the airport and along Veterans Highway until just past Frenchtown where the road meets the waterfront.

Right across the street from the airport are three hotels with bar/restaurants, one of which also has a lovely beach. These are actually within walking distance of the terminal. It would probably take you more time to wait for a taxi driver to fill up his van with people and drive you 2 min down the road than it would to simply walk the short distance. Depending on how much luggage you have.

This area is definitely considered town. There is plenty of hustle and bustle. You are centrally-located enough on the island that no drive is too far and you can even use public transportation and/or private taxis if you would prefer not to rent a vehicle.

Lodging Type Available: traditional hotels (one beachfront), small inns/B&B, sailboats, yachts

Great For: convenience, close to Lindbergh Beach, Brewers Beach, budget-friendly

Not-So-Great-For: getting away from people, onshore luxury, vacationing like a local

View Possibilities: Emerald Bay, Lindbergh Bay, Charlotte Amalie and harbor

Vehicle Required: No.

Downtown Charlotte Amalie, including upper Solberg and Mafolie

Historical downtown Charlotte Amalie is both quaint and bustling. Hundreds of jewelry stores fit inside just a few blocks on the main street. You can wind your way through the cobblestone alleyways, discovering unique shops and restaurants and reading the historical plaques that tell of the town’s rich and colorful history.

Charlotte is built on steep hills and most places to stay should have glorious views of the harbor. At high noon on a sunny day, the water looks like a sparkling turquoise jewel.

Lodging Type Available: traditional hotel, budget hotel, small inns/B&B, condos, sailboats, yachts, vacation rentals, mid-range to luxury villas

Great For: being in the midst of the action, enjoying the stunning harbor view, people watching, getting a taste of the diverse cultures living together on St. Thomas, budget-friendly

Not-So-Great-For: getting away from it all, staying near the beach, resort amenities

View Possibilities: Charlotte Amalie harbor, the street in front of you

Vehicle Required: Nope!

Charlotte Amalie hotels
Part of downtown Charlotte Amalie, taken from Frenchtown

Charlotte Amalie East, including Yacht Haven Grande, Havensight, Estate Thomas, and Raphune Hill

The Eastern side of Charlotte Amalie harbor where the cruise ships dock. These sections of town offer a lot of shopping (some of it high-end), restaurants of all types, tourists attractions like Paradise Point and the Butterfly Garden, and more. It’s just a short walk along the waterfront from the cruise ship dock at Havensight to downtown Charlotte Amalie, you can walk this route all the way to the West side of the Charlotte Amalie harbor in Crown Bay Marina.

Lodging Type Available: vacation rentals, mid-range to luxury villas, yachts, sailboats

Great For: convenience to: downtown, Magen’s Bay, shopping in Tutu Valley, activities & attractions

Not-So-Great-For: vacationing like a local, resort amenities, getting away from it all

View Possibilities: the Eastern part of Charlotte Amalie harbor where most of the cruise ships dock

Vehicle Required: Not really, unless access to your villa requires four wheel drive.

The South Side of St. Thomas


St. Thomas Neighborhoods: Frenchman’s Reef, Bellevue, Bakkeroe, Green Cay Plantation and Bolongo

This is where the island starts to feel a little less like a big town on a rock. There are several different resorts, condos and villas in this part of St. Thomas. Most accommodations on the south side of St. Thomas are beachside resorts but there are also hillside villas nestled here and there.

Lodging Type Available: beachside resorts, condos, and timeshares, mid-range to luxury villas, vacation rentals

Great For: conveniently-located to everything, resort-style amenities, beachfront property

Not-So-Great-For: vacationing like a local, access to public transport, walking distance from restaurants/bars/shops other than those on hotel grounds

View Possibilities: hotel grounds, the bay and/or beach in front of you, St. Croix in the distance

Vehicle Required: Not necessarily. There is no access to public transportation, but taxis will gladly go to these areas.

The East End of St. Thomas


St. Thomas Neighborhoods: Cabrita Point, Cowpet, Secret Harbour, Tybor & Harmony, Nazareth and Red Hook

The boat-y side of the island! This is where the sailors and pirates hang. Several boat charters operate out of Red Hook and this side of the island is also where ferries to St. John and the British Virgin Islands are located. Red Hook is the major commerce area on this side of the island. There are numerous bars, restaurants and shops in a small space. Public transport is easily accessible and taxis are numerous.

Lodging Type Available: luxury resort, beachside condos, mid-range to luxury villas, vacation rentals, yachts, sailboats

Great For: being near dining, shopping, beaches, boats, and ferries to other islands

Not-So-Great-For: Getting away from it all

View Possibilities: St. John, the bay or beach in front of you

Vehicle Required: No, unless your private villa is inaccessible to a taxi

boats in Red Hook, St. Thomas
Boats at the marina in Red Hook

Smith Bay

Smith Bay encompasses a huge area of land, a large chunk of it very much residential but yet another large chunk very much resort-y. There are several vacation condos and resorts along the Northeast coast of the island with different styles and amenities. This area is right along the safari bus line and is close to Lindquist, Sapphire, and Coki Beaches, boating and other water sport activities, and Coral World.

Lodging Available: resorts and vacation condos (some of them beachside)

Great For: resort amenities, all-inclusive style travel, beachside property, close to marine activities and other things to do on the East End

Not-So-Great-For: getting away from it all, luxury amenities, vacationing like a local

View Possibilities: St. John, the bay or beach in front of you, the cays immediately off the Northeast coast of St. Thomas

Vehicle Required: No.

St. Thomas’ Northside

St. Thomas Neighborhoods: Mandahl, Mahogany Run, Peterborg, Skyline, Lerkenlund, Rosendal, Wintberg, Magen’s Bay

This is where St. Thomas starts to feel very residential with private family homes becoming the dominant landscape between overlooks. The elevation is higher here and the vegetation starts to feel more lush. Tons of condos are available for short-term rental on the Mahogany Run golf course, and there is one small hotel near Magen’s Bay, but most of the accommodations in these neighborhoods are going to be of the private home variety.

Lodging Available: mid-range to luxury villas, condos, small hotel, vacation rentals

Great For: proximity to Magen’s Bay and conveniently located to both the East End and town

Not-So-Great-For: resort-style amenities

View Possibilities: Magen’s Bay, cays of the North shore of St. Thomas, BVI, St. John, neighboring hills and valleys

Vehicle Required: Yes

Hull Bay, Barrett Hill, Four Corners, Mountaintop, Dorothea, Neltjeberg, Caret Bay, Pearl, Crown Mountain Rd.

As the elevation climbs, the landscape becomes even more lush with vines hanging from tall trees growing right next to the road. This is a relatively private, largely residential part of the island. The beaches are frequented by locals more than visitors, some of them require four wheel drive to access, and some have rocky seabeds (but lovely snorkeling).

Lodging Available: mid-range to luxury villas, vacation rentals

Great For: vacationing like a local, getting away from it all, breezes, rainforest-y, close to town and shopping

Not-So-Great-For: resort-style amenities, walking to shops and restaurants

View Possibilities: Northern cays of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie harbor, West to Puerto Rico

Vehicle Required: Yes, and some villas may require four wheel drive

Inner and Outer Brass, North of St. Thomas, photo taken near Four Corners
Inner and Outer Brass, North of St. Thomas, photo taken near Four Corners

The West End of St. Thomas:


 Fortuna and Bourdeaux, Botany Bay

The West end is the most remote part of St. Thomas and, if you’re the type who likes scenic roadtrips, it’s definitely worth the jaunt. This side of the island is sparsely-populated, largely agriculture, and absolutely beautiful.

A tip for staying way out West: provision up before heading out if you don’t want to drive 15 minutes either way for your creamer.

Lodging Available: luxury villas

Great For: getting away from it all, complete and utter privacy

Not-So-Great-For: being conveniently located to anything

View Possibilities: Bays, Rocks and Cays off the Western coast of St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, St. Croix

Vehicle Required: Oh yes.

Water Island

St. Thomas Neighborhood:  Water Island

Located a very short ferry ride away from Crown Bay Marina on St. Thomas, Water Island is a little neighborhood unto itself. There are a couple restaurants on island with very limited hours of operation, a gorgeous beach, and a public lending library. Residents and guests of Water Island get around this little rock on golf carts. The ferry to Crown Bay operates daily.

Lodging Available: mid-range to luxury villas, vacation rentals, sailboats, yachts

Great For: getting away from it all

Not-So-Great-For: access to nightlife, convenient access to things on St. Thomas

View Possibilities: St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie harbor, Hassel Island, St. Croix

Vehicle Required: No. Your lodging may come with a golf cart.

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