St.Thomas Beach Tips

Lindberg Bay2

Let’s Go to the Beach, Rock City Style!

St. Thomas has a beach for every mood and style, and since they all happen to be stunning, any choice is sure to please.

Help us maintain our beautiful St. Thomas beaches by respecting the following guidelines:


  • Stand on or kick the coral. The reef is alive. And fragile! Humans can cause big damage.
  • Collect shells  or other natural items from National Park Beaches.
  • Skinny Dip. Save that for the villa pool.


  • Use Reef Safe sunscreen. The other stuff, while saving your skin, kills the reef. The coral-friendly product is sold at several island locations, including Virgin Islands Ecotours.
  • Collect and remove your trash! Feel free to pick up litter too..
  • Bring cans instead of bottles. Slightly less enjoyable drinking experience? Maybe. BUT, cans are safer, island recyclable, and the only legal option on some beaches.
  • Cover up your swimming attire when not on the beach. Walking into a non-beachside business wearing only swimwear is a major faux pas in the Vl. It can even get you a ticket.


We have included a quick guide to many (but not all!) of St. Thomas’ fabulous collection of beaches in this link.  There is a comment area below each beach listing. Go on, share some secrets!