Best Practices for Beaching it on St. John


Let’s Go to the Beach, Love City Style!             

St. John’s beaches are the stuff of fantasy. The water is both brilliantly turquoise and shockingly clear— perfect for seeing the awesomeness of reef life. It doesn’t get more postcard perfect than this, my friends.

Help us maintain our pristine St. John beaches by respecting the following guidelines:


  • Stand on or kick the coral. The reef is alive. And fragile! Humans can cause big damage.
  • Collect shells  or other natural items from National Park Beaches.
  • Skinny Dip. Unless you want an embarrassing citation from a Park Ranger.


  • Use Reef Safe sunscreen. (Click here to get the real nitty gritty on reef safe sunscreens, by one of our St.John experts.) The other stuff, while saving your skin, kills the reef. The coral-friendly product is sold at several island locations, including Big PlanetLow Key WatersportsSt. John Spice, and Virgin Islands Ecotours.
  • Collect and remove your trash! Feel free to pick litter too..
  • Bring cans instead of bottles. Slightly less enjoyable drinking experience? Maybe. BUT, cans are safer, island recyclable, and the only legal option on St. John.
  • Respect private property when applicable. Beaches are public property until the tree line.


We have included a brief description of most of the St.John beaches under this link.  There is a comment section below each beach listing and it would be sweet if you shared your insider tips or even a great photo.  Go on, sharing is caring!