A Virgin Islands Bride’s Guide to the Final Countdown

A Virgin Islands Bride’s Guide to the Final Countdown

Fourteen days has never sounded like such a big number, that is, until it’s fourteen days before your wedding day! Like most brides you are probably running around like a chicken without a head wondering if you’ve completed all that has to be done.

Guide to Getting Married on St. John

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The Final Checklist:

1) Call Your Planner

If you are using a wedding planner, make sure to contact them for an update. It’s a planner’s job is to take away your stress. You should be spending most of the call listening to all the wonderful things that they have done so far to create this marvelous event. Remember to find out if there is anything your planner needs you to do along with confirming payment arrangements. You don’t want to be dealing with finances on your wedding day.

2) Call Your Vendors

If you booked any vendors yourself, it’s imperative that you contact all of them! Ask what has been completed and what hasn’t. Get a timeframe and plan for any remaining to-do items on their lists. Also take the time to review your expectation with your vendors so you can rest assured that everything you need and want is done. Again, this is great time to discuss final payments for services with your vendors. This way you can guarantee your vendors are a happy part of the team.

3) Confirm Your Location

Be sure to touch base with your wedding site contact to verify that everything is set for the wedding date. It’s a great idea to go to the site prior your wedding day just to make sure everything is up to par. You may also want to find out if there is any information that you need to know upon arriving on the island. For example, what is the plan-B in the event of unexpected weather?

4) Confirm Transportation

Check in with your car rental company to confirm that your car(s) will be available when you arrive. If your car rental office isn’t near your arrival point, you may want to inquire if they provide pick-up service from the ferry. If you’re new to the island, you may want to get directions to the car rental office if they are unable to pick you up.

If you’re a large group, I suggest that you schedule taxi service to and from the wedding site and the reception. Remember, parking on the island is huge undertaking in itself. The less everyone has to worry about on the day of the wedding the more they can enjoy the bliss of your union.

5) Ask For Help

Find someone that you can trust to assist you with all the little things you need done when you arrive and leading up to the date. This will help with keeping your sanity. No groom wants to see his bride walking down the aisle looking drained and stressed out. Get the bridal party involved. I guarantee they will be so happy to help. This day is almost as important to them as it is to you.

The Final Days

Days to go, and let’s be honest, there’s probably so many knots in your stomach that you just can’t wait to get this over with. You’ve zipped and unzipped your garment bag a million times just to look at your dress. Oh, let’s not forget how many times you’ve tried your shoes on when you were home alone just so you could walk around your room imagining you were walking down the aisle.

Two days before the wedding and hopefully there is nothing more to do. We’ll refer to these last two days as your INDULGING STAGE. Yes, I think those two words are perfect – time to indulge in happiness, comfort, and a peace of mind. Why? You will soon be married and pampering yourself is an auspicious start to a lifetime with your mate.


I’m sure by now you’re saying, “Well, what could she have in mind?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.”

The last couple of days before your wedding should start off with meals fit for royalty. Hire a caterer or stop by one of our many fine restaurants on the island.

For breakfast, I recommend:

Cafe Concordia
Coral Bay


High Tide
Wharfside Village, Cruz Bay

and dinner:

Indigo Grill
Coral Bay

Wherever you choose to dine, remember to take your time, slow down and enjoy.

Plan a fun day, hit the beach, or go boating. Go shopping with the girls while the guys find a bar and just kick back and shoot the breeze. Let’s be honest, your fiancé is probably just as nervous as you are about saying those two words.

ESSENTIAL TIP – Whatever you decide, remember, if you’re on the water or by the water wear sunscreen!! No one wants to be sun burnt on the day of their wedding.

The Day Before the Wedding!

Last stop… the spa! Looking good for that big day is very important but so is feeling good. Treat your body to some well need comfort after all the running around. Go get manicures, pedicures, have your stylist prep your hair and play around with ideas for your wedding day for you and the bridesmaids.

You may also have your make-up stylist do a test run with your make-up to make sure the look that you both envision is the same. Remember we are aiming for as close to perfection as we can get.

ESSENTIAL TIP – Schedule manicures for the guys too. We don’t want ragged cuticles in the ring photos.

Below is a list of salons that can be found on the island of St. John to assist you with all your spa and beauty needs:

Hair, Nails and Makeup

Cruz Salon
2C Cruz Bay Quarter, American Hill Trail
(Next to Lime Inn Restaurant)

The Beauty Lounge
(Offers massage too)
Wharfside Village, Cruz Bay

Grapevine Salon and Spa
(Offers massage too)
The Marketplace – 3rd floor

Couples Massage

It’s been days since you arrived on island and all your time has been spent with family and friends. It’s time to do something for just the two of you and a couples massage should do just the trick for some well needed alone time. Massages on the island can be done at your villa, at the spa, and some masseuse offers other special locations to meet your needs.

Here is a list of the best on island:

Inner Waves Intergrative Health
13 Estate Carolina/Coccoloba Shoppes Coral Bay

Absolute Serenity Massage with Krista
10A Pastory, 00831, St. John

Crandall St. John Massage

I know your floating! You feel refreshed. You’re ready for tomorrow. So let’s end the night sitting at a table with everyone and talking about everything you’ve done so far. Just imagine great food, your favorite drink, a little music to lighten the mood and the perfect sky alight with a million stars that are all shinning down on you.

For the rehearsal dinner, I suggest:

Ocean Grill
Moongoose Junction, Cruz Bay

Share your gratitude with  all these people who mean so much to you and who played so many different roles in helping you get to this day. I picture you sitting there with one of the biggest smiles you’ll ever have because, at that very moment, you feel overwhelmed with love for your fiancé, your family and friends.

You’ve made it, the big day is here, and you’ve done everything that was needed to be done.

Congratulations to you from all of us here at What To Do – VI. It’s time say “I DO!”


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