Come Hungry, Leave Happy

Come Hungry, Leave Happy


The idea has been around forever…  the best way to understand a culture and its people is through the local food. That’s the point of the island’s original cultural, walking tour, St. Thomas Food Tours. 

About the Tour

The two and a half hour stroll through the gorgeous warehouse passageways of Charlotte Amalie’s historic district is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The guides are extremely knowledgeable as to the history of St. Thomas and are filled with stories of pirates, the early inhabitants and the struggles of the Danish settlers to make a viable home on this small volcanic rock. 


Where you Will Go

The tour begins at the most important edifice on St. Thomas, Fort Christian. This fascinating structure guards the harbor at the eastern end of the downtown area, looming over Emancipation Garden and looking up to the island’s most prestigious residential area. The guide explains how this one building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was, in addition to a military headquarters, a church, a prison, barracks and more. 

Guests hear about the early inhabitants like the Arawak and Caribe Indians, learn the origins of the “virgin” in Virgin Islands, and the bawdy history of the pirates like Blackbeard who made St. Thomas their home away from home. Then there is the story of how the United States acquired the islands from the Danes in 1917. 

Tour guests then head to the heart of the largest historic district in the United States, the warehouse district where hundreds of storage buildings were erected to store finished goods delivered from Europe and commodities like sugar, bound for the continent, and the Americas. Along the way fine architectural details are pointed out as well as extraordinary artworks that tell their own story of St. Thomas. 


Time for some local tastes. St. Thomian restaurant operators are thrilled to prepare and serve foods exclusive to the area and are happy to explain their recipes, like a quiche made with an island staple salt fish, served with a cool tropical, herbal tea. The Virgin Islands is famous for their rum and tour guests get a taste in the form of a freshly baked rum cake, made with two kinds of Cruzan rum. 

Guests leave many very positive reviews on various websites about this tour, but we talked to tourists who took this tour and we can sum it up in a few sentences: 

Then it’s into the heart of the warehouse district with sturdy buildings made of stone ballast from trading ships and the colorful cargo doors that secured the goods. As they pass down the quaint streets, guests hear the history of the area, along with tips on interesting, hidden shops, bars and places to try other local treats. Moving back towards the waterfront, stories of the harbor’s rich history complete the picture of St. Thomas’ evolution into the Caribbean’s premier vacation spot.

What Others Have Said


“Tales of the island are on a par with the fabulous food”. 

“Plenty of local food and a Bushwacker, too”. 

“Time well spent and easily worth the price”.

“Saw new things and ate new things, liked it all”. 

“Got plenty of great tips on what to do later on”. 

How to Book

St. Thomas Food Tours begin at 10am and 1pm (Mon. – Sat) and cost $65 per person.

Book here on or go to for more information.

Author: Staff Writer