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Guest Blogging Benefits

Attract Customers With Blogging

Attract Customers With Blogging

This is by far the most powerful  way to gain ORGANIC exposure for your BUSINESS and industry.

The Benefits of Blogging:

  1. 1. It helps to begin a relationship with potential customers.
  2. 2. It personalizes your business.
  3. 3. It establishes trust between you and your customers.
  4. 4. It helps the reader gain confidence in making their decisions.
  5. 5. It offers you and your business legitimacy in your industry as a knowledgable source of information.
  6. 6. It offers organic marketing, as your blog post is automatically linked to your ad and website.
  7. 7. Plus your first guest blog counts toward your advertising rebate. Click here for more info.

Yes You Can Do It!

For those of us who have been here long enough, chances are you’ve heard some of the most heart felt, earnest and ridiculous questions come out of visitors and potential visitors mouths.  Some of these questions are the stuff that make up urban/island legends or at least make for a good head shaking.

So what does this have to do with Guest Blogging?  Everything I tell yah!

Living on the edge of civilization gives us the edge (or edginess) that visitors fantasize about.  You know what I mean.  The illusion of our spectacularly relaxed and easy Caribbean existence. So for the sake of this argument, lets agree to keep that illusion going and provide our visitors with the answers to those questions they’re dying to know:

The perfect romantic evening, boating and beach tips, off the beaten path adventures, relocating to the VI, getting married in the VI, visiting the BVI, or even tips on beach sex!

We all have stories.  We all have business that require us to write (at least checks!).  We’re all (pseudo) experts and know a little something about our particular rock and definitely about our particular business.

Your Opportunity

Imagine a customer who is nervous about planning their 10th wedding anniversary in the Virgin Islands. But they find your blog on WhatToDo-VI.com about “Must know questions to ask to avoid disaster and disappointment when planning your VI Vacation”. Written by you, a local resident and expert in your field, with a link to to your ad and website. It’s easy, even if you haven’t written much since high school. (Read on.)

Wine expert Paul Tsakeres of Island Cork
Wine expert Paul Tsakeres of Island Cork

Different Kinds of Easy

1. Do you have your own blog already?  Pick a fun topic you have already blogged about and let us share it on WhatToDo-VI.com

2. Are you an expert in your field? Do you have tips you like to share with your customers?  Perhaps you have an inspiring story that needs to be told.  We will help optimize your post for maximum exposure.

3.Don’t fancy yourself a writer but have a fantastic story to share, let us interview you!  Yes, this counts toward your Share for Share and we will link it back to your ad and your website or FB page. Told you it was easy!  Click here for a free trial.

Please email if you are interested in how to take advantage of this powerful free tool. Subject line: Guest Blogger + affiliate #

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