Lucrative Virgin Islands Tourism Website is FOR SALE!

Lucrative Virgin Islands Tourism Website is FOR SALE!

Live in paradise and work from home!

Kim-with-scarf-photo-WTSImagine working from the sunny deck of your home overlooking the Caribbean sea. You set your own hours, you work in your swimsuit or pajamas, your income is high and steady, best of all, you are accountable to no one but yourself. This can be your bright future in the digital age!

When I started pro-blogging in 2012, no one understood how the heck I made a living. Frankly, I bought into their doubt, and that was a significant setback. Had I treated blogging as a business from the very beginning, I tell you folks, I’d be a multimillionaire. Regardless, in 2017, I make a comfortable living from writing digital content and marketing businesses and brands online.

The learning curve was steep for me, but it doesn’t need to be for you. What To Do – VI: The People-Powered Guide to the Virgin Islands is FOR SALE!

What To Do VI for saleWhat To Do – VI is a fully developed and profitable web business. We create high-quality, high-traffic content and offer digital marketing services and advertising to Virgin Islands businesses. Owner Jennifer Knowles has invested over $60,000 into making this website purr. The company has a clear business model, income from direct advertising, and unlimited earning potential.

In the post-hurricane market, What To Do – VI will attract many, many new advertisers. It’s a whole new tourism game in the Virgin Islands, and businesses need a way to tell the world they are open and ready for visitors. In addition, multiple income streams can be added to the model including affiliate marketing, online booking, online commerce, YouTube subscribership, and more.

The website has:

  • Domain authority with a three-year history
  • Easy administration through WordPress
  • The GeoDirectory business directory platform – fully customized for the Virgin Islands tourism market
  • WooCommerce enabled
  • GoDaddy hosting on a VPS
  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
  • Analytics
  • Partnership with the Awin Affiliate Marketing Network
  • A full freelance staff including six writers, an editor, photographer, content manager, social media manager, webmaster, and a programmer.

We’ve prepared the ground. You can make this garden grow!

A Message to Our Advertisers

What To Do – VI’s advertisers are family! Most of the businesses that subscribe to our digital marketing services or have ad placements on our site are now open or reopening soon. If you belong to our What To Do family of advertisers, we are committed to fulfilling our contract with you. Whether under original ownership or new ownership, you can expect high-quality content marketing, social media support, and friendly service. What To Do – VI is 100% committed to the recovery of the Virgin Islands; this equals recovery of the diverse, resilient business community. We have you covered!

To those businesses who are not reopening, we wish you heartfelt condolences and great success in your new endeavors.

Why We are Selling

What To Do VI for saleYou might ask if What To Do – VI is so wonderful, why is it for sale? You guessed it; it’s a hurricane sale. To effectively run What To Do – VI, it’s not essential, but it is very helpful to be located in the Virgin Islands.

Due to hurricanes Irma and Maria, neither the publication’s owner or editor (me) live in the Virgin Islands any longer. The business landscape has and will continue to change in this new market. Owner Jennifer Knowles and I feel we are increasingly out of touch and can’t maintain the same quality of local content that we produced when we lived in the islands.

Consider This

If you don’t live in the Virgin Islands yet:

  • The last significant hurricane in the Virgin Islands before Irma/Maria was in 1995
  • Hurricanes typically occur between July and October. What To Do can be run from anywhere in the world, so you do not need to be in the islands during hurricane season
  • The USVI is a stunning paradise. These islands are almost too beautiful to be believed.
  • In the post-Irma/Maria Virgin Islands, cheap property abounds
  • Full recovery of the islands is just around the corner and businesses will need you
  • This is a dream within a dream – own a profitable business run from your home in the Caribbean!

If you are an islander:

  • All you need is a WiFi connection and willingness to talk to business owners (or to hire someone to do it for you)
  • If you are a writer and technology professional, this can be a solo-entrepreneur opportunity
  • You are at an advantage if you have island connections and know how the Caribbean economy works
  • What To Do -VI is an ideal platform to promote your passion projects – political, artistic, or professional

What To Do – VI means location independence and financial freedom for the right badass entrepreneur!

Your Staff

What To Do VI for saleIf you have the skills to do everything it takes to run an online business yourself, this is an amazing opportunity for you! If you don’t have the skill set, it is still AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY.

What To Do’s freelancers are experts in web administration, digital marketing, USVI sales, and content creation. There’s more, the owner and I (the editor-in-chief) know the site like the back of our hands. The whole team is available to you at a very reasonable hourly or per-word rate. If you were to hire the whole freelance staff, the site would still earn you an awesome income with less than 60 direct advertising sales per year.

Insider Tip: You’re going to subscribe way more than 60 advertisers without hardly trying.

Moving to The Virgin Islands

Buy What To Do VII lived on a yacht in the Virgin Islands for over ten years. I had to pinch myself every morning as I took in the breathtaking view from the deck of my liveaboard sailboat. If I didn’t have elderly parents who need me in the States, I would have bought a new boat after mine sank in the storms and continued to live the dream.

This may be the end of paradise for me, but it can be the beginning for you. Each island has its own unique charm – St. Thomas is the most metropolitan and has the least hurricane damage; St. Croix is old-world Caribbean featuring amazing geographic diversity with charming towns, rainforest, farmlands, and stunning beaches; and little St. John is a tiny, precious emerald – my heart and my former home.

Over the next few weeks, the staff at What To Do – VI will be transitioning the website from a temporary post-hurricane relief and recovery portal back to its original regional tourism format. We will continue to support the islands and our customers with articles about recovering businesses, volunteerism, and continued recovery efforts. Our friends in the islands tell us it’s time to get back to business as usual, so let’s do this thing!

Buy What To Do – VI and you buy a perfect work from home career in paradise.

Catherine Turner
Catherine TurnerCatherine Turner is a freelance writer and editor formerly based in the Virgin Islands. Her contributions have appeared in many publications including the St. John Tradewinds, Caribbean Travel and Life, Onboard Online Magazine, and the Elephant Journal. In a former incarnation, Catherine was a nightclub owner and a resort showgirl. A lifetime ago, she spent a decade chained to a desk as a computer programmer/data analyst. Catherine recently completed her first novel Carnival Carib. See more of her work at

Are you selling your VI business? Hire me to write a winning listing that is seen by thousands. Contact me at today!

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