VI Businesses – Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

VI Businesses – Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing is the most powerful advertising tool Virgin Islands businesses have. That’s because the tourism audience is a global one.

Visitors to the Virgin Islands take two vacations. Tourists bookmark websites, download travel apps, and pin their dream trip on Pinterest long before they set foot on an airplane.

They decide what restaurants they will try, they read reviews, they search for authentic cultural experiences; in short, they have already decided what they’re going to do and where they’re going to go before they arrive. The second vacation happens when they get here.

Help Your Customers Find You!

You are giving your customers to your competitors if you are invisible to travelers when they are planning their vacations or when they are sharing recommendations with friends. When they surf the web, they need to find you!

The problem, it takes time to build a website and learn the intricacies social media marketing, content creations and search engine optimization. If you’re a restaurateur, a retailer, or charter boat captain, you probably don’t have the skills of a computer programmer or the time to learn the complex ins and outs of Virgin Islands digital marketing.

Good news, you don’t even need a computer to take part in the digital revolution. What To Do – VI’s services allow you to focus on your products and sales while experts focus on delivering slick, exciting, and accurate information about your business to potential customers across the world.

Web content, featuring your business, that reaches tens-of-thousands of visitors and locals.

Viral Content

Launched in September 2016, What To Do – VI is emerging as the leading tourist information website and blog for the Virgin Islands. Our website traffic is 6,000 to 8,000 page views weekly, a number that is expected to increase exponentially during the rapid expansion phase of our business (which is now).

What To Do’s magazine quality content featuring local businesses reaches 1000’s of readers per post with an average read-time of over five minute. That’s quality engagement!

What To Do – VI staffs the best writers that the Virgin Islands has to offer. Our writers ensure the content featuring your business is well written, exciting, relevant, high ranking and gets results. We deliver customers to you.

Directory Services

You don’t need to spend thousands on a website that is e-commerce enabled and thousands more on keeping it maintained. All you really need is one webpage that ranks high on search engines and has current information and photos. That’s where directory sites come in.

Directory sites like What to Do – VI offer affordable business listing – the equivalent of a website with all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the cost of hiring a web designer. Call in, email, or fill out an online form and your business is listed on the internet in minutes.

Social Media Marketing

Setting up a business page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest is simple.

However, effectively managing social media and advertising takes a huge amount of time and skill.

  • You need to post content daily, or at a minimum, weekly.
  • You need to actively encourage people to follow your business page(s).
  • You need to keep current on the dizzying array of social media best practices to reach the greatest number of customers.
  • You need to be credible and engaging.

Medium to large companies have employees or agencies dedicated to leveraging social media to market their products. You can do the same by using the services of What To Do – VI. We promote you business and events across multiple social media platforms using targeted advertising, group shares, and interest groups.

People Powered

What To Do’s power is in its people. We offer honest, authentic, insider information from locals and longtime residents along with unbiased reviews from travelers.

The VI Insider, What To Do – VI’s online magazine, features real Virgin Islands stories by real Virgin Island people! Our mission is to unite the diverse voices of the Virgin Islands to connect us to the world.

We are a hub for our community to share and exchange ideas, information, events, businesses and passion projects! Join What To Do – VI and share with the world what it means to be a Virgin Islander.

The Time Saving Solution

What to Do – VI is dedicated to marketing your business for a reasonable price. We’re building the most comprehensive, inclusive directory and travel guide for the Virgin Islands. We take things like SEO, content marketing, and social media very seriously.

Your complete Virgin Islands Digital Marketing Plan through What to Do – VI is waiting for you!

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