Announcing: New Website with Innovative Features Made for You

Announcing: New Website with Innovative Features Made for You

What To Do VI

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Please pardon our website hiatus but–we finally did it! You may have noticed that things look a little different around here on What To Do VI and we are so excited to finally announce our new and improved website. It was a long journey, but we are thrilled to bring you an updated appearance, new branding, and new functionalities on the site! Don’t worry, the blog will always remain as our main spotlight as it is what makes us, us—but we have added in a few new features for both our locals and vacationers to the Virgin Islands. Our goal is to make this site fun, easy to use, your ultimate resource and one-stop-shop to island vacationing and island life. What’s best is that this is a community ran site, or as we like to call it, people-powered. We have writers who are experts in their respective fields contributing to the blog giving the readers real, raw, unedited advice and tips— and thats the way we like it. 

Virgin Islands Booking Engine

First, we have added in a booking engine where vacationers OR locals can book their boat trips, excursions, tours, villas, hotels, and even flights. This feature is free for local business and because we cover the best things to do on island, you will be able to find information on all of these experiences on our website. We also make sure we can personally vouch for these businesses so we can answer any questions you might have. Have a boat, tour, or bookable excursion– send us an email at to get it added for free.

Business Resources

Second, for our business directory listing, we have added exclusive benefits for those businesses that are listed with us. We will shortly have a members resource center where premium and pro members can access different resources. We are here to support local. Our mission is to help promote our beautiful islands with our collaborative people-powered know-how and experience. We wanted to bring these businesses access to more help because we know how hard it is to run a business down here. Between payroll, management, guest relations, scheduling, sourcing, ordering, keeping guests and employees happy, providing your core service, you know, the basics,  the last thing we seem to find time for is advertising and marketing. Luckily, our community site can help you do just that. Think of us as your very own marketing assistant, without the hefty price tag.

VI Charities and Non-Profits

If you are a charity or non-profit, we are doing some new things to support you and want to get your info out there FOR FREE. We have added a brand new section at the top right hand side of the site which promotes local charities information. Please send us an email to info@whattodo-vi to claim your free premium listing, because #vinice : ) What To Do VI is also working with other socially responsible vendors and committing to donate a percentage of profits to local charities. Through the coming months you will see articles on some of these charities, and other local socially responsible businesses in our community. 

Branding and Usability

The look and feel–we have updated the look of the site and improved the user experience. We want to make this a fun and informative site, but we also want to make it EASY for you. Who has time anymore to dig around to find what they need. Not us, and we are positive not you. We see you juggling your vacation research at 12 AM once the kids have finally gone to bed…. and you who is always stuck with being “the planner” of the Sunday Funday Jost trip–we are here to give you a break– research doesn’t need to cut into your post work happy hour at Azul Cafe or the like— we won’t allow it. Either way, we get it because we are in the same boat so we are here to make this easy for you.

Otherwise, we will continue to push out new information fun and informative articles, create the most up to date community calendar for all islands, and as our new features go live we will be sure to update you.

Above All Else

Thank you for sticking around with us, our readers and users mean so much to us, and we hope you like where we are heading and our path of growth. We appreciate your support and feedback so if you see anything that just doesn’t look right, or you have more up to date info (we are community driven after all!) please let us know and we will attend to it immediately. Also, if there is anything you particularly are interested in having us write about let us know– with a wide variety of bloggers, we will try and make it happen.

Does this all sound fun to you? Then we’d love for you to join us!

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