People-Powered Profile: Tree Limin’ Extreme

People-Powered Profile: Tree Limin’ Extreme

Zip lining is fun for the whole family and we are proud to supply the USVI with the one and only zip line! We are also honored to say that we have been awarded “Best of the VI Tourist Activities” four years in a row.

Tree Limin’ Extreme was named after three of the tour’s main components:
Tree – For being surrounded by and zipping through St. Thomas’s natural flora.
Limin’ – For the moments where you can sit back, relax, and take pictures of the fantastic view.
Extreme – For the adrenaline pumping excitement of zip lining.
Tree Limin Extreme St ThomasIn 1996, Julie, co-owner of Tree Limin’ Extreme, spent a month exploring Costa Rica where she indulged in her love of adventure with trekking, white water rafting, volcano climbing, and horseback riding. Most importantly, she experienced her first zip line adventure. She describes this experience one of the most exhilarating and inspiring experiences of her life. It was such an amazing experience, Julie decided that she would open a zip line on St. Thomas one day.

In 2008 she began to seek out property. However, finding an affordable large tract of land located in a rainforest environment on St. Thomas was an arduous task. Patience and persistence prevailed. In 2011 she was able to secure the eight-acre tract of land that we now call Tree Limin’ Extreme.

Marc, co-owner and builder of Tree Limin’ Extreme, attended Cooper Union School of Architecture, graduating with a BA in 1992. He has maintained both design and contractors licenses since 1994. He went on to build a multi-family home here on St. Thomas and has designed and constructed a few of the islands amazing luxury villas.

Coming from a farming family, Marc has a wealth of knowledge about local plants. He takes pride in the construction of a course that uses that knowledge and respects the natural surrounding. He is glad to share the rainforest with islanders and visitors alike.

The Tree Limin’ Staff

Tree Limin Extreme St ThomasSome of the course builders who came to St. Thomas to build Tree Limin’ Extreme enjoyed the environment and the owners so much they stayed to be trained as guides. Many of them are still working here today and are passionate about their unique jobs.

We encourage our guides to be themselves while working as long as safety is their number 1 priority. Their personality shines through. Each tour is a little different from the next because every guide has a different story, fun facts about the island, and their own unique personality.

Every year our employees look forward to our company boat trips and beach parties! A time where we can all get together, let loose and bond as a team. It’s important that we all get along, no matter what job title you hold.

Our staff goes above and beyond the line of duty on a day to day basis and we believe in honoring that! There are quarterly and yearly prizes our staff may win depending on TripAdvisor reviews that mention their name. The quarterly prize is a $100 gift card to a local restaurant, and the yearly grand prize is a cruise for two. We honestly believe in rewarding our team for a job well done!

Lastly, we hope our guests notice how hard or staff works at making sure everyone is safe and having a great time. It is so rewarding when a guest leaves remembering the names of their guides and saying that they truly made the experience memorable.

The Tree Limin’ Experience

Tree Limin Extreme St ThomasOur goal is to give our guests an experience they will never forget. We want to educate everyone who zips with us about the wonders of St. Thomas and the rest of the Caribbean and share with them our lively culture and lifestyle. During our tour, we like to play local, Caribbean music to expose our guests to something they might not have heard otherwise. We create something that the whole family can take part of together. We hope that we can give kids memories that they will cherish for a lifetime, and help grandparents feel young again while checking zip lining off their bucket list.

We’d also love for our guests to admire our view just as much as we do. Our zip line course was built high atop St. Peter Mountain, with spacious decks to provide sprawling views of Magens Bay, Hull Bay, St. John, Jost Van Dyke, and beyond. It’s not just a zip line canopy tour, it’s a sightseeing adventure.

Tree Limin Extreme St ThomasSharing the beauty of St. Thomas with visitors to the island is so essential to us and we want everyone to leave with a new appreciation for America’s paradise. We put it upon ourselves to design a course that made minimal on our precious environment. We are passionate about doing our part on keeping the USVI unspoiled and vibrant.

Julie says, “We create the ultimate Caribbean experience. We want our guests to feel as if they have truly experienced our culture. From our traditional architecture and terraced stone walls filled with local flora, Caribbean fruit trees, and fauna, to the sweeping views of our many islands and cays. This park embodies the best of what our amazing islands have to offer.”

Visit the Tree Limin’ Extreme business listing to book your zip line experience today!

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