St. John Hurricane Recovery Update: 9.27.17 SJCF-VOAD

St. John Hurricane Recovery Update: 9.27.17 SJCF-VOAD

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” We are working on expanding strong partnerships with dedicated teams on the ground and in the states so we can identify each partner’s strengths and needs in the unified mission of helping St. John recover and rebuild. By sharing the tasks we will multiply the effectiveness!

*Information contained in this article is copied with permission from SJCF Director Celia Kalousek’s report 9.27.2017


*LOVE CITY STRONG meeting notes from the 10AM community gathering are attached as a photo in our Facebook Post – well done! 


COMMUNICATIONS: Although not evident today due to a damaged main cable, people in both Coral Bay and Cruz Bay will be getting improved communications,  as they repair the damaged cable and work on setting up new IT equipment that came in today;  they will focus on south side of island next week. Matt Gyuraki, Will Culver, Pono, VINGN, VIYA and others are helping make this happen.


SUPPORT: VITEMA distribution will take place tomorrow 9-2 in Coral Bay at the Fire Station and 12-3 in Cruz Bay ar JESS Ballfield. American Red Cross served 2200 meals yesterday. 300 went to coral bay. Only 29 people between the 2 shelters last night. Team from STT bringing clean up kits over every day for distribution.


NY Troopers were on the ground in Coral Bay and Cruz Bay; there have been incidents that make both increased need for security and communication vital. Fire Dept. has requested NO open fires to burn debris…things are dry and fires could get out of control (several have). They received a permanent donation of 12 ham radios from C-core and are looking for help connecting the radios across island.  


11am Army Corp of Engineers will be set up at the bandstand in Powell Park to answer questions about roofing and sheathing. Right of Entry (ROE) needs to be given by the homeowner, and to the Property Management Company or renter in their absence. People have been cautioned to ask for credentials from anyone coming to offer repairs or assessments. If they do not have proper credentials, send them away and report them to the police in person (not 911). See more details in our 9-26 Update.


Registration for Mercy Ship Evacuation can be done at the St. John Dept. of Tourism office located in the little park between post office and Franklin Powell Park. There is a ship leaving STT on Saturday.


HEALTH & WELLNESS: Myrah Keating got 240Kw generator and was being installed installed today. There are still repairs to the building that need to be made. Health Services have been moved the Decastro clinic in Cruz Bay, and at the Fire Station in Coral Bay. RHFP (Formerly Healthcare Connections) 3rd floor Marketplace and Island Health and Wellness are also actively seeing to people’s healthcare. Island Health & Wellness Center is a non-profit organization and aims to serve uninsured and under-insured adults and children on St. John.  No patient will be turned away or refused services due to inability to pay.  Health care providers include a full time Family Nurse Practitioner and a part time Physician.


SCHOOL NEWS: Christian Day School got a new roof today and they plan to start school Monday – once again volunteers and Love4Love City supported teams in action all around town. GHS School is in session from 10a-2p Mon. thru Fri. at GHS; Anyone can come with their child to register for classes starting at 12noon every day for information about placement tests and more. Immunizations required can be obtained from Cruz Bay Family Practice at Marketplace. For daily updates on GHS activities visit The shelter at JESS is transitioning up to the Bethany shelter, so repairs to the school can start taking place; teachers are to report daily -their goal is to open on Oct. 10th.


SPOTLIGHT ON SUPPORTIVE PARTNER: The mission of Help.NGO’s Disaster Immediate Response Team (DIRT) is to fill the void that exists between the time of a disaster occurrence and that of the traditional response effort. The international non-governmental organization has operated based on this premise since its creation in 2010. Originally formed as it’s own entity named Global DIRT, it is now a team operated by Help.NGO and utilizes the Special Force’s small unit leadership model, combining its all-volunteer force of first responders, subject matter experts, and prior service military personnel to respond within the first 24-48 hours of a disaster. Volunteers provide medical assistance, communications access, search and rescue capabilities, and coordination support. Help.NGO’s DIRT is able to insert into a disaster or post-disaster situation with key equipment and knowledge, thus limiting the loss of life, property, and resources.


MISC: Diesel on island; Both gas stations up and running today. First Bank will be open 10-12 bank is open. 9-2 ATM open. WAPA reports power in Cruz Bay by end of the week or early next week. We’ll see!


CORAL BAY: People have asked about contributing to Coral Bay, and although our support extends across the whole island, if you are interested in your support going exclusively to Coral Bay, you can do that here;


St. John Community Foundation was formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and has been responsibly managing local and federal funds for over 28 years as a 501c3. Your donations are fully tax deductible. We are continuously looking for ways to fill service gaps and cultivate community assets and stateside support including people, organizations, programs, and resources to effectively respond to the needs of the community in the hurricane relief and recovery effort – from immediate response to long term recovery. I


To make a donation to the Foundation for St. John IRMA-MARIA relief and recovery efforts go to

Our mailing address is:

St. John Community Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 1020

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    Glad to have found this site with some updates and information. Many from the states are wanting to help and wondering where to go to find information. I will post this and try to spread the word.

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