The ReCYCLE Room St. Thomas, Spinning with Purpose

The ReCYCLE Room St. Thomas, Spinning with Purpose

The ReCYCLE Room St. Thomas

For our Local Business Spotlight this month, and #worldenvironmentday we wanted to do a quick post on a new cycling studio located at Buccaneer Plaza on St. Thomas. As we often get questions from people asking us what the best gyms on St. Thomas, or the VI in general, are (we have an entire post dedicated to that coming up soon), we thought we should mention our favorite eco-friendly studio today. Enter The ReCYCLE Room. The ReCYCLE Room is a forward-thinking spin class that combines the passions of fitness, health, and environmental sustainability.

After the storms, Avian Biscoe, who has been a personal trainer on St. Thomas for over 18 years, came to the quick realization that people were either seeking solace in exercise or a variety of unhealthier habits. The rate and intensity at which this was happening were both inspiring and alarming. It was then that she saw an opportunity to create a business that would pull in the growing population of health enthusiasts. Additionally, through her avid marketing, community involvement, and educational style, she hopes to create a movement that will help to convert those that are not yet on the “health track”.

The ReCYCLE Room St. Thomas
Leggings made from recycled plastic

With a little bit of planning, time, and hard work, her vision started to play out, and The ReCYCLE Room was born. The ReCYCLE Room is a product of a new social culture of fitness, environmental health, and awareness. People can work towards their own personal health, and unite in goals and efforts towards global and environmental health. The shop sells items like workout leggings that are built entirely from recycled plastic, as well as shirts. Even their decor is made of eco-friendly materials!

So onto the workout, this is not your average. The classes are beyond a workout—it’s a full sensory experience. Your experience (as Avian likes to call it) will start when you arrive at the modern, and beautifully decorated, studio where you are surrounded with smells of fresh citrus. Walking past the shop and check-in area and into the large studio, you will see plenty of smiling faces and people warming up. You’ll want to get there a little early so you can get acclimated and set up with a bike. Don’t worry if you have never done it before, there are always plenty of first-timers and the instructors are happy to help you get comfortable before the class starts. Once it is time to begin, the lights go out, and the dark room is lit with beautifully colored lights and candles. The large TVs display calming or stimulating visuals, and there is music to match the instructor’s pace. We find that the music and visuals make for a great distraction when “the going gets tough”. The instructors are very in-tune with the crowd, and there are all different levels of riders. We do, however, appreciate that they are not scared to push you to your limit (what’s the point otherwise!?). When the workout is complete, the lights come on, and you are led with some light stretches that help ground you and put you back into reality. You can definitely feel great energy in the place, and everyone just seems very happy and alive. When you are on your way out the door, they even have small mini apples that they give out to help regulate your sugar levels. It’s the little things.

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When you make it to your second class and get to some of those “tough moments” all you need to do is remember that amazing high and sense of accomplishment that you had immediately after, and that will be more than enough to push you through. The ReCYCLE Room is a welcoming and inviting experience that we highly recommend it—just don’t hate us if you can’t feel your legs after.

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“Ride through the Serengeti” Fundraiser for the St. Thomas Humane Society. Stay tuned for their future fundraisers and events!

Check out their IG @therecycleroomvi for the weekly schedule and look out for more information soon to come on their classes and other facilities on the islands!

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