Update on St. John Hurricane Irma Relief: How to Help Find Loved Ones on Love City

Update on St. John Hurricane Irma Relief: How to Help Find Loved Ones on Love City

*This article was originally published on 9/9/2017, and will be updated continuously for accuracy and new developments.*

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Today was a good day,  folks.

More than just a Cat 5 has come our way. Love City is also receiving Cat 10 LOVE and support from world class search and rescue teams, doctors, nurses, logistical teams, captains, pilots and many other volunteers.

Emergency medical teams arriving from off island with personnel and supplies report that The Myrah Keating Clinic is now running at top notch. (Note: They are only taking extreme medical emergencies at the moment and these are being medevaced out.) No deaths have been reported on St.John.

People are working around the clock to communicate in a very difficult situation where communication has been almost impossible. The good news is that re-establishing communication is top priority so we can get relief in fast. Teams arrived today in Coral Bay to work on establishing emergency communications, the area hardest hit by Irma.

World class search and rescue (S&R) teams also arrived today and are working tirelessly to find those previously unaccounted for. Hold tight! They are still searching! We are compiling and consolidating lists so that we can get better information to our S&R teams.


Send as much of the following information as you know to irmasearchteam@gmail.com

  • Name and Nickname of person missing
  • GPS coordinates (Easiest directions: Go to Google Maps and switch to Satellite view. Type in St. John to get started, then zoom in on the neighborhood and then house they were staying in at the time of storm. Double click on it and the coordinates should appear.)
  • Area and Street name (if there is one)
  • Directions/description of house, and if there was a known hurricane shelter in the house
  • Point of contact/phone number: (off island and on island)

Before sending us an email please check these resources first.

St. John Roll Call – Safe From Irma

St. John Hurricane Irma Sat Phone Communication Page: Coral Bay

I know this is a very frustrating and frightening time. We love you and won’t stop until we find them all.

Have faith. And if you haven’t already done so,  PLEASE do these 3 things:

1.Share this post with those still searching for loved ones.
2.Contribute to these organizations who are searching for and supporting your loved ones: St.John Rescue,  St.John Community Foundation For more information on how you can help support St.John read our article Hurricane Irma Relief for St. John in the US Virgin Islands: How You Can Help
3.Remind the media and your local representatives that US citizens need help in the VI. Don’t let them forget about us.


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  1. Juliet Seron Kustin

    ON ST. JOHN BETWEEN 2007-2011….Kate, Jim Swan and/or Tim, Terry Bertolini, and / or Ric Weinschenk, and the deceased Mayor’s son…the son is alive and well who lives on the cliff above Pillsbury Sound, who is Ric Weinschenks landlord—I have given your names to FEMA team leader Carl Levon Kustin who will be arriving on St. John, approx. Mon. the 11th , or Tues the 12th. He knows you guys are trustworthy, and can inform him where / what / and how FEMA can get the help to your island asap. He will be traveling with government protection, he comes with puh-lenty of aid, and wants to help. He is humble he is my brother. Kate and Jim, and Ric, it is me!!! Juliet!! I love you guys. ARE YOU ALRIGHT.? OH MY GOD. Can you please help him help your island? HE IS BRINGING A ONE PERSON TENT, THAT HE BOUGHT AT THE KMART. HE WILL BE ABLE TO TRIAGE MORE EFFECTIVELY IF HE CAN BE HOUSED SAFELY, HONESTLY, AND PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS YOU CAN . 831-724-5771. I AM HIS SISTER. I CAN RELAY MSGS TO HIS WIFE AND SHE CAN GET HIM CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO YOU..OUR HEARTS, OUR SOULS ARE WITH YOU

    3 years ago

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