People-Powered Profile: Vanessa Campsey | Mumbo Jumbo

People-Powered Profile: Vanessa Campsey | Mumbo Jumbo

Vanessa Campsey Mumbo JumboI grew up in the retail business. My mother started her first store in New York when I was six selling vintage clothing (a.k.a. her old clothes). After a few different ventures, she opened Flashbacks in Sag Harbor, New York where the entire family was involved in the business.

In 1991, after my sisters visited St. John, she returned to New York and said we should open a store there. With a bit of dumb luck, we settled on the Wall Street Complex with a new bar which was opening – Skinny Legs! We could not have been any luckier. With great owners and an awesome community, we settled right in.

Mumbo Jumbo opened along with Skinny Legs and Connections East in the complex. Once you visit the store you will understand how “Mumbo Jumbo” got its name, with a wide array of clothes, jewelry, toys, gifts, shoes and even candy! We are frequently awarded the Best of the VI for shoes, toys, women’s and children’s clothing.

I try to keep my store new and exciting by constantly getting new merchandise that is different from what is sold in the other shops on the island. I don’t do many “name brand” products which allows me to keep prices as low as possible, (which all the locals know and love!) I am most passionate about traveling and finding new products for the store at great prices.

Vanessa Campsey Larry Clarke Mumbo JumboMy husband Larry, a fireman here in Coral Bay, accompanies me on my frequent buying trips. On our travels throughout Southeast Asia, we are constantly updating our clothing and jewelry line. Whether riding scooters down muddy roads in the rain to find a new supplier or trying to keep the monkeys from stealing everything from our backpacks, we laugh and have fun. I think that’s what makes Mumbo Jumbo what it is – a fun collaboration of ourselves and our travels.

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