Ways you can Help the Bahamas

Ways you can Help the Bahamas

The hurricanes that hit the Virgin Islands almost exactly two years ago left an everlasting impact on the islands and the people that live here. The Virgin Islands remembers trying to pick up and put together the scattered pieces, the mental turmoil as well as the physical exhaustion, and we are still dealing with the aftermath today. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Dorian and the impending destruction elsewhere. We wanted to put together a quick list of ways you might be able to help the Bahamas or future areas that are affected by major hurricanes. There is no act or amount too small as every little bit of help makes a positive impact. This list is not comprehensive and the best way to learn what any given locale is in need of most at the time of reading this is by contacting the affected areas local government.

Donating supplies, cash, or your time are all excellent ways to help aid in disaster recovery.


-Battery powered fans


-Flashlights and lanterns

-Feminine products

-New empty gas cans

-Over the counter medication

-Mosquito nets

-Mosquito repellant

-Bleach/sanitizers/hand sanitizers

-Bath linens

-New socks and underwear

-Baby care products (diapers, wipes, formula)


-Water filters

-Extension cords

-Duct tape and tarps

-Unused blankets

-Cleaning supplies

-Solar phone chargers

-Pet food

-Trash bags


-Chainsaws, chains, bar oil

–Small generators

-Non perishable good (freeze dried/MRE’s

-Personal medical supplies (band aids, peroxide, bandages, etc)

Reputable Organizations to Contribute to

*This list can be found on Charity Navigator

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response four stars
American Kidney Fund four stars
American Red Cross three stars
Americares four stars
Catholic Relief Services four stars
Children’s Hunger Fund four stars
Coast Guard Foundation three stars
Direct Relief four stars
First Book three stars
GlobalGiving four stars
Good360 four stars
Heart to Heart International four stars
International Medical Corps three stars
International Relief Teams four stars
Matthew 25: Ministries four stars
Mercy Corps three stars
Operation Blessing International three stars
Project HOPE three stars
Save the Children three stars
SBP four stars
Team Rubicon four stars
Water Mission four stars
World Hope International four stars
World Visionthree stars

We are compiling a list of local Virgin Islands organizations that are assisting in efforts if you would like to get involved locally. Stay tuned.

If you have any other organizations that you think should be on this list, please comment below or send us an email to info@whattodo-vi.com #BahamasStrong #VIStrong #Resiliency

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